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circ. 1930
Tours For Adults and Children

Franklin During the Civil War

Stroll down Franklin Road and the Historic District of the village to learn what Franklin was like during these
tumultuous years.

Musem Tours for Children

Hats off to Ben!
Franklin wore many hats! He was an innovator, statesman, postmaster, printer and inventor. Learn about his life and the colonial period in which he lived.

Whats My Line?

In this program, third graders will learn about the life and work of the early settlers of franklin.
a Field Trip
Cemetary Tours

The Franklin Historical Society offers a general tour of the cemetary and a tour focusing on Civil War vets buried in the cemetary. each tour is 75 - 90 minutes long and are offered for $10.00 per person.

Franklin Historic District Tours

The Historical Society offers tours of the Franklin Historic District. If you would like to journey into Franklin’s past, then lace up your walking shoes and prepare for a

Franklin Historic District Tours (cont.)

historic blast! The cost is $10 per person for a 75-90 minute tour.

Franklin Barn Tours

Barns are a reminder of our agricultural past. These structures were originally built as unheated stables, barns,
carriage houses or garages and may be among the only tangible and certainly most visible links to Franklin’s most
unique features. The cost is $10 per person for a 75-90 minute tour.

To schedule a tour or to inquire about upcoming events please call:

Ann or Bill Lamott
(248) 538-0273


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