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The Franklin Historical Society is launching a horseshoe caper!  We’ve put a little fun into our lives this summer by hiding a golden horseshoe in the historic district or around the village green.  The person that finds it, then hides it again and so on.

The rules are written on a tag connected to the horseshoe.  Here’s the words:

If you want to play, text a message/picture to 248-931-0500 and let us know where you found the horseshoe.  Text a picture of you holding it if you like!  After messaging, re-hide it anywhere in the historic district or around the village green.  We will be tracking its whereabouts and posting its journey on the Franklin Historical Society website –

Here is the poem attached to the horseshoe:


You found the horseshoe tucked away!

It’s yours to hide in plain view

So another will discover and hide it too!

The hunt is on, the fun begins!

Keep it going!  Everyone wins!

The Horseshoe Caper has begun! Reagan and Gavin found it hanging on the baseball bat of the Detroit Tiger on the village green. Congratulations! The twosome has hidden it for someone else to find. The hunt is on. Good luck!

The horseshoe was found in the bird bath in the reading garden at the library. It has been hidden again. The horseshoe caper continues. Where is it and who will find it next???

Rein in your posse and hoof it through the historic district and village green in search of the golden horseshoe. Good luck!

I looked up in a tree
And, what did I see?
A golden horseshoe staring at me!

We’re not “horsing” around! It’s time to saddle up and round up that FHS horseshoe. Now, giddy up!

It’s hidden again
I wonder where
Search high and low
If you dare!!!

Use your horse sense and lasso the FHS horseshoe before it finds greener pastures!

At the gazebo nearby
A golden horseshoe
I did spy!
The lost has been found
and hidden again,
This is a challenge
that never will end.
Are you up for it?!
The horseshoe keeps trotting along
trying to hide and not be found!
So, saddle up and hit the trail
Be on your way through hill and dale!
The horseshoe was found twice
On a bench!
And in a tree!
Will it be a cinch
for you to see?
The search was on far and wide,
but the horseshoe could not hide.
It was spied
under the bench!
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