Whats My Line?

In this program, third graders learn. . .
  1. who early Franklin settlers were
  2. how they earned a living
  3. what their daily life
    was like
Activities Include ...
  1. doing a tinsmith project
  2. playing with blacksmith toys
  3. writing with quill and ink
  4. folding a pioneer letter
  5. making butter
  6. washing clothes in an 1850’s machine
  7. grinding wheat
  8. making butter
  9. visiting the general store
Museum Tours
For Children
Hats off to Ben!

Franklin wore many hats! He was an innovator, statesman, postmaster, printer and inventor. Learn about his life and the colonial period in which he lived. Participate in these interactive activities. . .
  1. finding Franklin's
    "John Hancock" on documents
  2. joining the bucket brigade
  3. voting colonial style
  4. engraving a silver plate
  5. playing musical glasses
  6. exploring Ben-ventions
  7. reciting proverbs
  8. making a tri-corner hat
  9. and more!
The cost is two dollars per child.
a Feild Trip
Whats My Line?

Each child wears a name tag of an early Franklin villager. It is the responsibility of every child to discover the line
of work or contribution that their individual made in the community.

The program is 70-75 minutes in length.

The cost is two dollars per child.

To schedule a tour or to inquire about upcoming events please call:

Ann or Bill Lamott
(248) 538-0273


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