Kreger House:
An Original
Franklin Farm


Site Plan

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Kreger House
Just Prior
to Movement
to New Site
John & Eileen Pulker
Tom & Lisa Pullman
Joanne Purther
Questers - Mary Chase Stratton Chapter
Questers - Saulk Trail #573 Chapter
Beatrice Ramirez
Charles Rashid
Charlie & Jay Rashid
John & Veronica Ratola
Ron Reame
Ron & Nancy Rechter
Anne & Charles Reinhart
Stephen Rice
Chris & Maureen Rich
Dr. & Mrs. rouchdi Rifai
George Ringstad, Jr.
Preservation Donors
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Friends (Continued)
Lovina Peddie
Eleanor Peltz
Jay & Susan Pepper
V. L. Petrulis
Lynn & Ralph Picano
William Phillips
George Pickering
Ryan Piippo
Cathy Pikulas
Cathy Pikulas in memory of Phil Orr
Lori & Maurice Pogoda
Betty & Henry Potoczak
Chris & Tricia Pray
Seglinda Pritchard
Vic & Lucy Rivera
Emanuel & Kandis Rivers
Dan & Virginia Roberts
Dr. & Mrs. David Roberts
Davida & Warren Robinson
Darryl & Shari Rogers
John & Jackie Rokicki
William Rollo
Gerald & Laurie Rosen
Ronald & Ruth Ross
Michael & Kimberly Rovinski
Richard Ruby
Newton C. Ruch
Enrique & Lucy Sabbagh
Tom & Joyce Sachs
Amie Saltzman
Norma Sampson
Gayle & Gary Samuels
Leon & Debbe Saperstein Melinda Saulson
Michele & Eli Saulson
Randy Sax
Bill & Randy Sax in memory of Whit Johnes, Jim Pikulas and Jo Saltzman
Betty Scannell Hudson & Marily Scheifele

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