Franklin Bicentennial

Put on your party hats! April 2024 was the beginning of Franklin's 200th birthday Celebration. We have aged quite well! 

Dillucene Stoughton and his family left Niagara County, New York for the Michigan territory. Stoughton bought 80.6 acres of land for $1.25 per acre on the east side of Franklin Road from 14 Mile to Scenic Drive. He paid for his parcel with $63.08 in silver and $35 on a note from the Bank of Michigan. 

Six weeks later, Elijah Bullock and his family, also from Niagara County, New York, headed to Oakland County in the Michigan territory. Bullock originally bought 80 acres on the west side of Franklin Road from 14 Mile to Scenic Drive. The two men appropriately named their new home the Stoughton- Bullock Settlement. That's how we began. 

Our celebration has begun! The settlers bought their land in 1824, but did not receive their land deeds until 1825. So, we decided to celebrate our heritage for an entire year! 

The Franklin Historical Society is taking the lead in contacting other village organizations to take part in the festivities.  The first of three major events - a square dance and dinner - took place on April 6.  The Seed Exchange at the Library is on-going.  The Cemetery Memorial Day ceremony will be on May 27. A Strawberry Festival is planned for June 23.  Our 200th birthday party in July and more activities during Round-Up in the fall. 

Interspersed between these major events are fun to do things at existing events during Music on the Green, Franklinstein, Oktoberfest and the Block Party to name a few. 

We don't want to spill all of the beans just yet. This is a celebration for all villagers. It is a time to celebrate our history and each other. Participation is key to attend the events as well as help plan and volunteer. We have a whole year to come together and celebrate us! Who doesn't love a party?

If you're interested in learning more about the Bicentennial celebration and want to get involved, send an e mail to

Bicentennial Events

April 6, 2024  Dinner & Square Dance

April 22, 2024  Garden Club Seed Exchange at the Library

May 27, 2024  Cemetery Memorial Day Ceremony – Walking In The Footsteps of Henry Cox   11:00 AM

June 23, 2024  Strawberry Festival   11:30 AM

July 13, 2024   200th Birthday Party

August 21, 2024   Mainstreet Block Party

September 1, 2024  Franklin School Reunion

September 2, 2024  Round Up

September 28, 2024 Pancake Breakfast At The Fire Station And Build A Scarecrow

October 4, 2024  Octoberfest 

October 14, 2024  1800’s Woman’s Style Show

October 26, 2024  Franklinstein

December 5, 2024 Sip, Shop & Stroll